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Unique Hash (Tiny Code) ported to C#


In my search for efficient algorithms that create unique indexes based on arbitrary values, I found this wonderful snippet of code on a Developer’s blog. It seems useful when creating unique identifiers that need to be publicly visible while still creating some obfuscation as to how they are sequentially calculated. Since this solution uses base 62 numbering for the result it will also use less characters when dealing with larger values in a string. This method is definitely not […]


SQL Server – Export All User Tables Part 1


If all you want is to export raw data from SQL server to a flat file, doing so should be easy. But what if you require text qualifiers and a formatted header? Neither BCP or SQLCMD support text qualifiers. BCP doesn’t support column headers at all and SQLCMD’s column headers aren’t very friendly. So what do you do when you need to dump all the data in your database to flat files? If you only […]


Customize App Button for Ultratoolbar

Custom Toolbar App Image

Simple problem. Simple Solution. You’re using the Infragistics Ultratoolbar control to get that Microsoft Ribbon going and you want to customize the App Button’s image, but when you set a custom image as the AppButton in the toolbar it doesn’t look as good as the default Infragistics button. Default App Button Display and Functionality While the default image encompasses the entire button and has a fading mouse over effect , a custom button will leave […]


Hacked: CSS & JS Compression on GoDaddy

Internet Security

Let me welcome you to the first post on our new blog. Here is “The Situation”: You have a website hosted on a shared hosting environment like GoDaddy or any other Apache environment that doesn’t support mod_gzip and mod_deflate and you wanted to serve those big CSS and JS resources as compressed, that way your users get a faster and more efficient experience. The following is a very popular method of transparently compressing and sending […]